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Dal MakhaniLike the inevitable flashback in the HANDI pot boiler, a part of every Indian's memory is dedicated to a delicacy-by-delicacy, bite-by-bite, munch-by-munch recall of a life time of meals. Food is the integral part of every Indian's conversation. In India, the taste, colour, texture, appearance and aroma change with every few kilometers you go. Indian cuisine varies from region to region giving its own style, name and originality.

The concept of '
HANDI' cooking is as old as 600 to 700Indian Cooking, Indian Curried Vegetables in Cans - Taste of India - Dal Makhani years which has bee passed from generation to generation in India. 'HANDI' means an earthern round pot in which cooking of curries takes place on slow fire. 'HANDI' comes in different shapes and sizes but the main features are common to all i.e., thick bottom to ensure that the food does not stick and consequently burn. It is world known fact that when food is cooked on a slow fire, its natural characteristic flavour, aroma and taste are all preserved to the maximum extent. Perhaps, in India, our forefathers knew about this art much before the world knew about it. This could be one of the main reasons why 'HANDI' cooking became not only popular but also an integral part of every family throughout India where 'food is not eaten to live' but 'people live to eat'.

Indian Cooking, Indian Curried Vegetables in Cans - Taste of India - Punajbi Chatpate Choley The most important aspects of '
HANDI' cooking are 'Bhunao' and 'Dum', meaning 'Roasting' and 'Maturing' of a prepared dish. 'HANDI' cooking style had been adopted for preservation of natural characteristic of vegetables, herbs, spices where aroma, flavour and above all taste is naturally preserved to its maximum. Very rarely recipes were recorded on manuscripts as they used to be passed on from one to another while working, observing and experiencing under the guidance of the Master Chefs whom they used to work. A 'Pinch' of spice could either make a dish delicious or unrelishable - all depending on how the dish is prepared.

MIDLAND' with their latest technological developmentsIndian Cooking, Indian Curried Vegetables in Cans - Taste of India - Palaak Paneer have been able to preserve the same taste, aroma and flavour of natural vegetables, spices, herbs and seasonings in the curries as 'HANDI' cooking style would have produced centuries ago. MIDLAND'S Research & Development Division with their latest innovation has been able to present 'HANDI' Indian Curried Vegetables, after working day in and day out for over 3 years, to the best for them to taste the real thing as one would have had centuries ago with the same authenticated recipes which were used and are no-where to be seen in today's modern era.


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