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Palak Paneer
Spinach Curry With Fresh Cheese
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Thick Spinach Gravy and fresh Paneer tampered with cream and butter. Originated at the time of British Raj by then cooks.
Here is another cross- over fusion, an updating of the traditional Indian Saag Paneer. This dish transforms it into a wilted spinach puree but with a pint of the original spicing.
HANDI' - Palak Paneer originates from the kitchen of Maharaja of Orchreal way back in 1899 giving you the taste of "Rajsee Khana".


Spinach Paneer (Cottage Cheese), Tomatoes, Water,  Edible Oil, Onion, Ginger,  Common Salt, Cummmin Seeds, Curry Powder & Red Chilly Powder.

Palak Paneer - Taste Of India - Ready to Eat Indian curried vegetables



Approximate values per 100 GMS

Energy 116 K.Cal
Proteins 3.18 Gms
Carbohydrates 4.94 Gms
Fat  9.23 Gms
Fibre 0.78 Gms
Sodium 0.556 Gms

Palak Paneer - Taste Of India - Ready to Eat Indian curried vegetables

Heating Suggestions Microwave Instructions
Empty Palak Paneer in a pan and thoroughly heat, stirring well occasionally. After pouring Palak Paneer in a microwave dish, cover and heat for 3-5 minutes.
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