Taste Of India - Just Heat 'N' Eat - Indian Curried Vegetables
Indian Curried Vegetables
Just Heat 'N' Eat
No Preservatives - No Artificial Colours or Essence - No Chemicals


Quality being the Watchword, Company has prepared manuals, delegating responsibility and
authority and therefore accountability at all levels, in tune with time to produce & process Organic Food. Products are virtually un-touched by hand. We have The-State-Of-The-Art Food Processing Plant in New Delhi.

Fruits, Vegetable, Jams, Curried Vegetables in Cans - Taste of India - Shahi RajmaFPO Certification - We are an approved food processing unit by the Ministry of Food Processing Industry, Government of India.

We have FDA approval.

Special attention is paid that the food packed, fulfils the nutritional values as laid down by FAO/WHO for one time meal as well also RDA for Indians laid down by National Institution of Nutrition.

Every batch is tested in Central Quality Control Laboratory for its values confirming to the specifications of individual product as laid down by the management.


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